Booking a Car in Langkawi – Ultimate Guide

Langkawi is one of the most famous places to visit on vacation. It is an archipelago that consists of 99 islands. The mesmerizing beauty of the place will reside in your mind for your whole life. You can enjoy boat tours, parasailing, cable car, kayaking tour, Jet Ski riding and much more. The beauty of the beaches, forests, parks, and places is worth watching.

Langkawi island

Are you going on a trip to Langkawi? If yes, then you should know about renting a car online in Langkawi.  To enjoy the trip, you should rent a car because you can go everywhere you want. You can stop at restaurants to eat famous food and visit famous places like Wild Life Park, Underwater World, Sky Bridge. You can make your trip memorable by renting a car and visiting places according to your comfort. So, we are here to tell you everything about it.

Renting a car is not a very tedious task, but you need to keep some factors in your mind. You can rent a car from an online renting service. We are going to give you all the information that you should have before renting a car.

Thinks You Should Consider While Renting a Car

There are some things that you need to know about renting a car in Langkawi because it will save your time, money and give you a pleasurable experience. So, the things that you need to know are,

Reputable Dealer

You are going to a new place for your vacation; therefore, to be on the safe side it is better to get a car from a reputable dealer. Make sure that the dealer has an experienced staff and quick customer service. The locally owned companies are better. A reputable dealer can guide you well and save you from various accidents. He should have a proper license for the company.

Enough Space for Luggage and Persons

You need to make sure how much luggage and persons are there. Because you will have a rental car according to that. If there is any child with you, then it is better to ask the car rental service to provide you a baby seat. Baby seats are very comfortable for babies and they prevent mishaps.

Check for Damage

Before riding in the car, check for any damage. If there is any damage, then inform the dealer to avoid any problem while dropping off the vehicle. Otherwise, the dealer might ask you to pay for the damage in the end. So, before signing the contract check everything. For a good impression, the car should be free from all kinds of damages. You can easily get a luxury rental car in Langkawi that will put a good impression on others.

In, we can provide you a list of cars to rent that are free from all defects. All cars are good for shows off and lasting impressions.


Car Insurance is necessary because there is a risk of accidents while driving a car and you cannot underestimate it. You can ask about car insurance from the dealer. What the insurance policy will cover? The insurance can cover accidental damages, theft protection and the maximum liability of a few thousand Malaysian ringgits. Langkawi is a safe place, but there can any theft issue with the car you have rented. To be on the safe side, it better to take insurance. You will have to pay extra money for that, but you will save your money in case of any damage and accident.

The insurance policy should cover the following things.

  • Theft Protection
  • Accidental Damage
  • Liability
  • Third-party Coverage

If there is no insurance, then you will be responsible for everything. You will not have to pay extra money for insurance.

Driving License

It is necessary to have a valid driving license to drive in Langkawi. Otherwise, the dealers will not rent you a car. Further, the dealers do not accept learner or temporary licenses. You need to have a valid or international driving license. The driving license can save you from trouble, so make sure you have it.


Price is the most important that everyone cares about. There are various luxurious cars at different prices. Keep in mind that there are different prices during school holidays and vacations. Car dealers charge a little more in high time. To get the best price it is better to do a comparison. But, don’t go with very cheap prices because their service will be cheap as well. Find an affordable package including all the facilities. You can hire Mercedes, minivans, and other luxurious vehicles from RM250 to RM1000 depending on the vehicle and season. Car Rental Langkawi gives you all its luxurious cars at an affordable price.

There will be a penalty for later return. Make sure to confirm the penalty because some dealers might change the penalty price after getting late. Further, to book any car online you will have to pay the fee to reserve your car. You can use any of the acceptable payment methods. In case you are not sure about the date of the trip, then ask the cancellation policy as well. You might get a refund on cancellation.

Car Pickup and Drop off

You need to make sure of the car pickup location. You can also pick up the vehicle on your own or request a pickup from the dealer. The drop off point should also be cleared with the agreed date and time. Otherwise, you will be charged with a penalty.

Driving Rules

You will have to drive on the left. Always carry your license with you in order to save your time. The driver of the car should over 18 years. Wearing seat belts is compulsory while driving the car. You cannot use a mobile phone, although hands-free is allowed. Some signs that you need to know are,

  • Jalan Sehala: One Way Street
  • Berhenti: Stop
  • Beri Laluan: Give Way
  • Dilarang Masuk: No Entry


Before renting a car in Langkawi, you need to know about some important things, and we have mentioned and explained all of them. You should consider all these factors to enjoy your vacations without any trouble.

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