Langkawi is a famous tourist spot that is always populated with people specially during school vacations. It is a place to visit because it is made up of 99 islands. If you are finding a place to visit in your next vacation, then Langkawi might be the best place to visit. You can have a lot of fun there while visiting the forest in boat, snorkeling, Jet Skiing, relaxing at beaches, visiting famous buildings and parks and a lot more.

If you are planning to visit Langkawi, then you can book one of our cars online before you arrive there. You should rent a car so that you can travel and visit places whenever you want without any restrictions. Most of the time people arrive at the airport and rent a car. In most cases, they fall into the trap of fraudulent dealers and pay a high amount of money. Further, they also waste their time at the airport. So, it is better to book a car online before you reach the airport. We are going to discuss everything that you should do while renting a car online to save your money and time.

Checklist For Renting A Car

Things to Check While Renting a Car Online

We will discuss some main points that should be considered while renting a car online.

Compare Prices

You can find many companies that can rent you a car in Langkawi, but before talking to anyone you should compare the prices of different companies. Look for the right price, not the lowest price. The lowest price can attract you, but there will be a risk cheap service as well. You should look for an affordable and right package that includes everything you want. By comparing prices, you will get an idea of the market and you can get the best deal easily.

Company Reputation

You can search for the previous reviews of the customers whether they were satisfied with the company or not. You will get to know about the service of the company. Further, you can also ask the dealer whether the company is licensed or not. A reputable company will help you out with problems. You are now in the place and they can guide you well.

Hidden Charges

Some fraudulent dealers use tactics to scam tourists. So, it is better to make sure about every kind of charge. You can confirm whether there is a separate charge for delivering at the right location or it is included in the package. There are penalty charges for late delivery as well, so confirm those charges as well. They can increase the penalty charge if you get late due to any reason. The of the charge should not be according to the miles covered, you have the right to cover as much as you want in the given time. There should be no limit.

Confirm the Condition of the Car

You need to make sure that there is no damage and the car is ready to take away. Most dealers provide cars that have scratches and dents. It won’t look good if you want to attend a party or a meeting. So, make sure that the car is in good condition. Some people might get attracted by the fake picture of the car on the website. Therefore, it is better to ask for a real picture.

Facilities and Features in the Car

For a comfortable and safe ride, you need a few features in the car. The car should have an air conditioning system, comfortable seats, airbags, audio system, central locking etc. If you cannot drive a manual car, then ask for an automatic car. Make sure to confirm that they can provide a baby seat if you need it. For more information regarding the features of the car, you can click here to read our blog on this topic.

Confirm Pickup Location

If you want the dealer to deliver the car near the airport, then you can ask him to deliver it there or at any other place. The car dealer will surely provide you the car at the desired place. Confirm the time and location to make it convenient.

Insurance Policy

A car insurance policy is necessary because you are moving to another country for the tour. You need to make sure whether the company gives insurance or not. If they have an insurance policy, then ask them what it covers. Your insurance should cover theft protection, accidental damage, and third-party damage. Make sure to confirm the limit of the damage waiver. You will have to pay more money for an insurance policy. You can take the car without insurance, but you will be responsible for any damage in this case.

Accepted Driving License

It is better to confirm from the dealer which kind of driving license is permissible there. If you have an international driving license, then you can confirm it as well. Further, according to the rules of the county, ask for the driving and renting age limit. You need to confirm it as well if you are 18 years old or near to this age.

Fuel Policy

The policy of many renting companies is to return the car with a full fuel tank. They will charge you if the tank is not filled and their charge will be more than the local charges.

Drop off location and time

To avoid any misunderstanding, you should make sure where you can drop off the car. Some car rental companies ask you to drop off at their office or you can ask them to pick up the car on their own.


You should rent a car online before reaching to Langkawi. The online process is very easy and we have told you everything you need to do while renting a car online. We hope you will find this helpful.

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