Several Langkawi streets are ideal for exploring nature and the countryside and discover some of the best kept secrets. Along the way you will also see many popular tourist attractions. So, if you book a car in Langkawi, it’s time to explore some of the roads and grounds below. The streets of Langkawi are called “Jalan”. Almost all traffic signs are preceded by this word in front of the street name.

Most main street in Langkawi have a different number for easy access to the destination you wish to go to which is more focused on than the street name. To get to the end of the island through the other you would drive approximately 45 minutes.

Listed below are some of the popular streets in Langkawi you can drive around in Langkawi to see great views

Jalan Air Hangat

Jalan Air Hangat Langkawi

It is a main road that leads north from the city of Kuah. Enter this street from the city of Kuah. If you drive beyond the city limits, there is a large campus of Mara Science College on the left, then drive slowly and take the next right turn just outside the college entrance. Take this curve to the right. It is a side street, which is drawn by a monk and leads to the temple Wat Wanaram. It is a Buddhist temple that is little known to tourists.

There is a side street along the main road on the right side just about 500m, then you would come across a huge yellow sign where the second road starts. If you see this sign, you know that you are on your way to another temple. To get to Wat Tham Kisap Budhist you would take the side street along the way then you would come across a T junction and immediately take your left turn then you would see your destination. But after the T junction and you take the road to your right that then you would arrive at the temple of Hindu. These two temples are under huge limestone cliffs filled with stalactites.

Jalan Teluk Yu 

jalan teluk yu langkawi

Jalan Teluk Yu is another beautiful street where you would come across several beaches and attractions along the north coast of Langkawi. If you get to Jalan Teluk Yu through Jalan Ayer Hangat and move west, you would get to the black sandy beach on the right known as Pantai Pasir Hitam. Park your car by the side of the road, walk past the shops, get up and look at this beach with its incredible black sand beaches. You can also see a fishing pier from the beach and nearby.

When you drive west. If you come across a fence to the right with yellow and red stones designs, you know you are close to Shark Bay beach and the entrance of the Langkawi Craft complex is just at the left. One of the largest beaches you can find in Langkawi is the Shark Bay beach. To get to Langkawi Crafts Complex just take your left from the beach which shows different handicrafts from the Malay heritage.

Ewa Pier and the fishing village is behind the building of the handcraft complex when you drive west you can get there. This location has a very large waterfront where large ships often dock. Just beside the Ewa pier is one of the largest cement plants known as Lafarge.

If you move further to the west of the street you will find the Telega Port Park at Pantai Kok, where you can see a large number of sailboats and yachts in different sizes at the marina

Jalan Datai

Jalan Datai

This street is also one of the most beautiful along the north coast of Langkawi. On your way you will pass a charming little family beach accessible via a side street known as the Pantai Pasir Tengkorak Beach. At this beach you will find picnic facilities, public toilets, changing rooms, and so on. If you go further, you will soon arrive in Temurun. The waterfall is opposite the 3-Tiga open-air restaurant serving fresh and tasty Malaysian cuisine. You can plan your lunch in this inexpensive and quaint restaurant.

Jalan Bukit Malut

jalan bukit malut langkawi

It is a long winding road that runs along the south coast and offers a magnificent view of the sea and the small islands of Langkawi. The road links with Jalan Kedawang in the west and continues to Jalan Padang Matsirat in the eastside. Along the way, there is a link road leading to Jalan Lincongal Bukit Malut Road, which comes from Jalan Bukit Malut approaches the road to get to the shore.

Jalan Padang Gaong

Jalan Padang Gaong Langkawi

This road runs southeast of Langkawi from Jalan Padang Matsirat and heads northwest to meet Jalan Ulu Melaka. There is a sign on the right side for a beautiful nature reserve called Lubuk Semilung. The International Book Village is also located in the same street with Lubuk Semilung nature reserve, which features several large pools with natural water. At Lubuk Semilung, you would also witness a huge electric tower. Drive carefully along the street because it is a very narrow street. This street features beautiful natural pools that are barely known to tourists.


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