Ultimate Guide to Avoid Common Car Hire Scams

People often rent a car during a tour or vacation to visit the places and enjoy the journey. Renting a car is the best way to travel around the places whenever you want. Car rental nowadays is very much easy, you can either book it online or in-person. But due to the scams of fraudulent dealers, tourists waste their money. They fall into the trap of dealers and pay more than the required fee. Therefore, we are going to discuss some common car hire scams and the methods through which you can avoid them. If you get aware of these scams and the methods to avoid them, then you will not only save your money but also your time. Your vacation will not be spoiled.

car hire scams

Car Hire Scams and Methods to Avoid Them

We are going to list down some common car hire scams into which tourists usually waste their money. We will also tell you, how you can avoid them.

Car Damage

This thing often happens that the dealer will give you a damaged car and you won’t notice that damage while renting it. The dealer will point out that damage, dent or scratch when you will return the car. He will ask you to pay for it and you will have to pay for it because you don’t have any proof that you have not done that. This is a very common scam and most people fall into it. The dealer will charge you money according to the intensity of the damage. You will end up wasting your money.

You can easily avoid this scam by taking pictures of the car while renting. It is better to take pictures and show them to the dealer as well. Point out any damage if it is there and ask the dealer to mention it in the agreement. Inspect the whole car interior and exterior and make sure there is no damage, and everything is alright. You can also check the locking system, air conditioning system and other things. Point out if anything is not working. You can save your money and time with this method.

Fuel Policy

Most of the renting companies have a full tank policy. They will ask you to return the car with a full fuel tank. Obviously, you cannot do that because you will have to drive to the office, and it will burn some amount of fuel. They will ask you for money and charge you more than the local fuel rates.

If you want to avoid this scam, then you should pick the empty return policy if available. Otherwise, you can return the car at a fuel station as well. Or you can also agree on paying a little amount of fee for the used fuel.

Car Upgrade

You booked a car online and paid the advance fee as well. Everything is fine and you are expecting to get the car that you have booked by seeing the picture. Now you arrive at the office and the dealer says that the car is overbooked, and they cannot provide you that car. They will say that they can give you another car that is of a higher class with more facilities and you must pay more to get the car. This scam usually happens while booking a car online. The dealer will say that such type of car is not available for the time and you will pay an extra charge for another car.

You can avoid this thing by confirming with the representative that you will take the car that you have booked and not pay for any upgrade. It also happens that the dealer gives you a scratched car and you refuse to take it because of your personality and image. Then he will ask you for an upgrade with an extra amount of money. To confirm that the car you have booked is in the proper condition, you can ask the dealer to send real pictures of the car before paying the advance fee.

Agreement Scam

The car agreement sometimes has points that are written in small fonts or the representative might staple certain pages. They do this to hide fines and, in the end, they will ask you to pay more.

You should read the agreement carefully before signing it. Read every page and confirm the fines and all kinds of charges that are written in the policy. You should ask for the late return charges as well because you can be late due to any reason.

Car Mileage

It also happens that the dealer says that you have crossed the mileage limit. The limit was this and you have covered some extra miles. Therefore, you must pay an additional fee. This scam is also common and most tourists don’t know about it.

To avoid it, you should confirm that they have an unlimited mileage policy. There is no limit to the mileage and you can cover as much as you want. It is better to mention it in the agreement as well.


If you have taken the insurance policy, then it happens after the accident that the dealer refuses to pay for the damage fee or third-party damage. He might say that the damage waiver has a limit and you will have to pay the extra amount.

Before taking the insurance make sure what it covers. Ask for the full damage waiver policy and third-party damage as well. It is better to mention these points in the agreement to avoid problems that can happen later.


Tourists fall into the trap of the renting companies; therefore, we have mentioned all the common scams and methods to avoid them. If you read this article carefully, then you can save your money and time from scammers.

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