Langkawi is an archipelago in Malaysia, made up of 99 islands. It is very famous for its exquisite beaches, mystical legends, pristine rainforests, and duty-free shopping. That’s why almost about 3 million tourists visit here in a year. Langkawi Airport is the only terminals for all in and out flights for national and international visitors and tourists. Since people have to stay and wait for their flights at the airport; therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you about facts, facilities, and features of Langkawi Airport that you can avail. It will guide you and provide you ultimate ease while you will travel here.

Facts of Langkawi International Airport

The total area of the airport building is 23,000 square meters. It has a single and the only terminal which is arranged in a straight through-line for all domestic and international visitors. It has a blue interior that perfectly resembles the surrounded sea around the island. Moreover, it can facilitate 1,000 passengers per hour at any point in time and it is designed to handle 4 million passengers per year. Furthermore, there are 8 boarding gates, 500 car parking facilities for getting to and from the airport and about 25 duty-free outlets including restaurants and cafes in the airports. Since Langkawi airport is the only terminal for all national and internal victors; therefore there are six airlines the operate in five international and four domestic destinations.

Langkawi experiences heavy rainfall due to its tropical landscape; therefore, an umbrella is necessary during rain. So, we advise you to take assistance from your airline before visiting.

Arrival at Langwaki’s Airport

After landing, you have to walk through the uncovered tarmac (because there are no aerobridges or covered jet walking) to reach the air conditioning arrival hall. The arrival hall is very simple, you can easily navigate there. As you enter the hall, you will find the number of counters that are offering car rental services.

If you’re a foreigner and directly landing in Langkawi, then we will advise keeping in left because you will have to pass through the immigration process. Here you will fill disembarkation form and will give your passport along with filled embarkation form to the immigration officer. You may require more documents like visa; so, you can visit Langkawi’s visa passport site to know about the required documents that you will require for traveling. After that, you will proceed to your luggage collection and customs. Your luggage should not have restricted items.

Then you will exit from arriving hall through a corridor which leads you to another large hall where you will find duty free shops like Kenny Rogers, Polo, G-shock, Starbucks, and Marrybrown. Here you can enjoy duty-free shopping and eating.

Transport at Langkawi Airport

You can use the following transport services to get in and go from the airport according to your desired and comfort


As we mentioned earlier, when you enter the terminal hall you will find a number of car rental counters to hire or rent a car for you. You can hire a car from them, but they will charge you a lot. If you want to hire a car, then we will advise you to book it online, because a large number of international car rental companies won’t present at the airport. So, for better options and prices, it is better to hire a car online.


Taxi service is also available at the airport. If you are planning to travel through a taxi, then you will have to buy a coupon from a taxi counter located at gate no 4 in the terminal building. After buying a coupon proceed outside the sidewalk and give your coupon to one of the cab’s drivers to go your desired destination. The rates are fixed and very with different places based on your destination so you can’t negotiate here.

Features & Facilities of Langkawi’s Airport

Shop & Dine

It is mentioned earlier that there are more than 25 outlets for shopping (Shops at the Langkawi Airport)  at the airport. All outlets are duty-free so, you can add more values in your dining and shopping. Furthermore, you can also test and try your first Malaysian food; however, there are verities of international foods available at the airport.

Bank & ATM

There is only one bank at Langkawi airport i.e. Maybank that operates from Monday to Friday in its official working hours. So, you can use its service to exchange your currency when you just land there.

Furthermore, there is two ATM (Al Rahij and Maybank) services available at the arrival hall of the airport; therefore, you can also use them to withdraw money instantly after landing.

Trolley & Public Phones

Trollies are available free of cost to carry your luggage up to the taxi point or car parking. This service is available at both the arrival and departure hall.

There are a bunch of public phones available at the exit point of the arrival hall, so you can call anyone at low cost by using your credit cards, local coins, and calling cards that are available there.

The departure of Langkawi’s Airport

The departure hall is also a large hall common with the arrival hall but on the left side of the hall. Before departure, you will have to go through a custom scan, then you will proceed to the check-in counter. There is also a bag wrapping facility available inside the check-in area which you can access only through custom lane.

The departure terminal usually has heavy traffic especially in the afternoon and evening, so it is advised to come here two hours before your flight time. There are also different shops available at the departure hall; so, you can avail of the last chance to buy duty-free items if you have missed.


Langkawi is famous for tourism because of its exquisite beaches, mystical legends, pristine rainforest, and duty-free shopping. More than 3 million people visit here in one year. You can go there only by air or sea. Langkawi International Airport is the only airport to come here by air; therefore, it provides many facilities within the airport premises.

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