Langkawi is one of the best holiday destinations in Malaysia. Being a part of a group of 99 islands, Langkawi is the largest Malaysian archipelago along the Andaman Sea. It is also known as the jewel of Kedah. Although Langkawi is a popular tourist destination, most of its parts are still under development. It is full of natural landscapes and iconic structures which makes it the ultimate holiday treat for tourists besides being a tropical paradise. So, you if want to explore the best destination and beaches of Langkawi, our car rental service is here for you. We will provide you with the best experience of tourism at affordable prices.

Mesmerizing Beaches of Langkawi

Langkawi is full of amazing beaches that feature white sand and trees along with mountains in the background. The beaches are full of recreational activities in case anyone wants to enjoy it to the fullest. The island also consists of a cable car that allows the tourists to enjoy the iconic view of the island from a bird’s eye. Along with the beautiful beaches, the island is also equipped with the best dining and lodging facilities allowing the tourists to choose from a variety of options. Let us discuss the beaches of Langkawi and what amazing views they provide to the tourists.

Pantai Cenang Beach

Pantai Cenang is one of the largest and famous beaches of Langkawi. It is located at the western shoreline of Langkawi and is very near to the airport. It is 600 meters wide and with the natural white sand. The sand makes it the most beautiful and attractive beach. The beach offers several recreational activities which include water sports like jet skiing and parasailing. This beach offers the tourists with a wide variety of options for high-end resorts and cheap hotels. It is the liveliest in the night with plenty of beachfront bars that feature live music and cultural performances. Here are some more places to visit near Pantai Cenang.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

Tanjung Rhu beach is a secluded beach situated at the northern shoreline of Langkawi. The road leading to this beach consists of a dense forest providing the tourists with an unforgettable adventure. It’s blue emerald water and scenic background make it a perfect picnic destination. The atmosphere of the beach is quite silent and the roadside has some stalls to enjoy their local meals. The most beautiful scene is by the limestone crags along the borders of the beach. It is pretty much known for a perfect family beach.

Pantai Tengah Beach

Pantai Tengah is the longest stretch of the beaches and is a continuation of Pantai Cenang. It is located at the southern road bend of Pantai Cenang. Although this beach is less developed than other beaches in Langkawi, it provides tourists with little privacy and relaxation in a calm atmosphere. The beach also offers water sports activities including banana boating and jet skiing. It offers a wide range of spas that can provide the tourists with relaxation which they need during their holiday. Here is a list of water sports that you can do in Pantai Tengah.

Pantai Kok Beach

Pantai Kok is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and clean sand. The attraction of tourists is in abundance on this beach because it is home to the high-end resorts and hotels. It is located in the western part of the island. It is lined with the modern marina and is surrounded by limestone hills and verdant jungle. On the front side, you can see Telaga Harbour Park with a wide range of shops and restaurants. It contains the facility of cable cars that would take you to Mat Cinang Mountain and Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls. It is a quiet destination that would allow tourists to enjoy throughout the year.

Shark Bay Beach

Despite being small because that covers only 200 meters of the area, it is a wonderful beach. It is situated on the northern shoreline and opposite to the Cultural Craft Complex. The name Shark Bay is because of the shark sculptures made of stones. You will probably not get to see any sharks here but the water at this beach is extremely calm that makes swimming for the tourists easy. The beach is a continuation of the Black Sand Beach and provides it with a great look at palm trees and shaded seating areas.

Datai Bay

Datai Bay is usually known as Pantai Teluk Datai and is a private beach. It is located at the northwestern end of Langkawi. It is not off-limits to all the tourists but is pretty expensive. With a range of 5-star hotels and resorts, the tourists with luxury lifestyle enjoy this beach very much. Here the tourists can enjoy by visiting the Ibrahim Hossein Foundation Museum and the Langkawi crocodile farm. Most of the tourists who come to Langkawi consider the Datai Bay a must-go place as it provides all the lavish and luxury treatments that one can enjoy.

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach is also known as Pantai Pasir Hitam. It is located on the northern shoreline of Langkawi. Several stories explain the sand on the beach being white and black. It is not among the best beaches to enjoy but has a historic background. Here you can find many shops, stalls and children’s playgrounds. It is not a beach for swimming and sunbathing. Due to its distance from the main town, it is very less crowded. Along with many stories of the sand being black, the most common is the curse laid by mermaid whose ring was stolen by a fisherman.


The beaches of Langkawi are world-famous for its natural landscape and immense beauty. Everyone visit Langkawi beaches on his tour. There are a bunch of beaches where tourists can go and enjoy it. The best way to visit all the beaches is to rent a car according to the size of the family or friends. We offer many vehicles of different sizes to rent and enjoy your holiday here in Langkawi. We have a wide variety of cars that you can select from. Contact us today and book in advance for your ease. Our services will not let you down.