People usually make mistakes while renting a car. It is because they don’t know about car rental policies and scams. They get into the trap of dealer and pay the money. These things usually happen when people go out of the city or country for their vacation. The dealers take advantage of this situation and take a lot of money.

Have you ever tried to know what mistakes people do while renting a car? If not, then you should know it to save your money by avoiding these mistakes. We are going to tell you about some common costly mistakes that people do while renting a car.

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List Of Mistakes When Booking A Car

Car rental mistakes can be costly, and you can lose your money without any reason. It is better to know about these mistakes to avoid them.

Renting from the Airport

Renting a car from the airport is the most common mistake that tourists do. The companies at the airport charge you more than other companies that are outside the airport premises. They take the airport charge as well. So, it better to rent a car outside the airport. You will save you money and time. Further, you can also book a car online and ask the dealer to drop the car at the desired place. This will more convenient and money-saving. Otherwise, you will waste your time at the airport to get a car at a reasonable price. At last, you will end up renting a costly car. Hence, it better to rent the car outside the airport or online.

Paying for GPS

It is possible that you are new in the city and you don’t know the directions very well. Some people pay for a GPS device to travel easily in the city. It is not necessary to take the device and you can even know the routes by using your mobile GPS. Now smartphones have GPS; therefore, then it is better to use them and save money. You will only need an internet data bundle from a telephone network company, and you can go anywhere you want. So, if any dealer asks you about the GPS, then you can refuse it if you have a smartphone.

Not Checking the Facilities

Before you sign the contract, you should check all the facilities that are claimed by the dealer. You can check the air conditioning system, door locks, electronic windows, audio systems, and other things. These things are necessary to be checked because you cannot claim if anything does not work after renting the car. It is better to take a small test drive to better understand the condition of the car. If there is any problem with the car, then do not take it. If you can compromise with it, then make sure to mention it in the contract. If you aren’t sure what is the must-have features when renting a car, here’s a guide on the must-have rental car features for a road trip in Langkawi.

Ignoring Damage

Checking the car for damage is necessary. Check everything including the interior as well. If you find any damage, then tell the dealer about it. Otherwise, the dealer will claim the damage penalty when you will return the car. Do not ignore any scratch, dent or damage. It is better to mention it in the contract. Otherwise, you will pay for the thing you have not done. You can also take pictures of the car to make sure of its condition before renting it.

Late Return

Always confirm the time to deliver the car and late penalty charges. You can be late due to any reason. Some companies only accept the delivery of the car in office timings. So, make sure when you can deliver the car.

Not Reading the Agreement

Before signing the agreement read it carefully. Read every page and every point in the document. Some dealers mention the charges and fines with small font size; therefore, check it carefully. Ask for every charge and fine. There can be a limited mileage policy of the company, so make sure you get the unlimited mileage; otherwise, you will have to pay more for crossing the mileage limit. Everything should be included in the agreement including any existing damage of the car. Make sure to mention the return time. Never over trust the dealer and read the document carefully.

Not Knowing the Insurance Policy

If you already have an insurance policy, then there is no need to take another insurance policy for the car. If you are from another country and the insurance policy does not work internationally, then it is better to take the car insurance. Before taking the insurance, you should know what the insurance covers. Otherwise, the dealer can refuse to pay the full accidental damage. Your insurance policy should include full damage waiver, third-party damage, and theft protection. Confirm everything before taking the insurance. In case you have not taken the insurance and any accident happens, then you will have to pay for everything. So, it is better to take the insurance.

Not Comparing the Prices

Different companies have different price offers and packages. You should compare the prices first before making any deal. You can confirm the rental prices of online car booking websites. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money. Further, make sure that they are not charging for extras because dealers include extras without asking the customer. Do not take any extra if you don’t need it. You have the right to exclude it from your money. In the end, sum up all the expenses before paying. Fraudulent dealers add unnecessary charges.


You can save your money while renting a car by avoiding common mistakes. We have shared all the common mistakes that tourists do. They don’t know about these mistakes and they end up wasting their money. You can avoid all these mistakes and we have mentioned the methods to avoid them. We hope this article will be helpful to you.

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