Are you planning your next vacation in Langkawi? It’s an amazing idea to see the mesmerizing beauty of this archipelago that is made up of 99 islands. You will be pleased by visiting the famous parks, beaches, landscapes, and forests and museums.

If you want to make your trip memorable and enjoyable, then you should rent a car in Langkawi. By renting a car, you can visit the places where you want to go without any restrictions. You can stop, drive, rest and do whatever you want. Therefore, renting a car is the best option to fully enjoy your vacation.

Renting is easy, you need to book online or in-person and you will get a luxury car you want. You need to compare some packages and rent of cars from different dealers to get the best possible option. If you don’t want to do these things, then we offer cars to rent at a reasonable price with all the benefits. Our cars are free from damage and defects that will create a lasting impression on others. You can either book our cars online or in-person.

What Should You Look For When Renting a Car

The selection of cars is based on some factors. The factors are given below.

Features and Safety

The features of the car such as air conditioning, power steering, central locking, and audio systems make your travel comfortable and easy. Further for safety, there should be airbags in the car to prevent injuries in an accident.


Your personality and impression depend on the car you drive. If you are going for a meeting or party, then you need a special car, free from all defects. Many dealers show you the picture of a new car and provide you an old car with scratches. They charge less amount, but your impression would be bad on others.

We provide you all cars in excellent condition without scratches and damage. You can get cars from us at a reasonable price and our luxury vehicles will put a lasting impression.


The price of the car is the main factor, if you can afford your desired car, then this is not a problem for you. The price can vary from RM200-RM1000 depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. The rates are high in the seasonal time and vacation.


You need to select the car according to the number of passengers. Most people visit this place to have a good time with their family or for their honeymoon. So, there might be 2-4 people with you during the tour. You can easily select an appropriate car according to that. If you have a big family with brothers and sisters, then you need a van. Further, you may need a baby seat for your child.

Types of Cars To Book

If you have decided to rent a car for your trip, then you might be confused about which car you should select. The vehicles can be categorized as follows,

  • Sedan
  • Compact MPV
  • Van
  • Luxury
  • Sports


Sedan is a simple car in style. There are typically five seats in Sedan including the driver seat. There are two seats in the front and three in the back. This type of car can be suitable if you are on your honeymoon or with a small family. You can also put your bags in the trunk.

We also have a wide range of Sedan including Honda City, Perodua Viva, Bezza, Proton Saga, Saga FL, Toyota Vios and many more. These cars have all facilities including ABS, airbags, power steering and audio system.

Compact MPVs

Compact MPVs have 6-8 seats which are suitable for a middle size family. These vehicles usually have five doors. They have a good look and luggage capacity.

We have Toyota Avanza and Toyota Innova with all facilities including air conditioning, airbags, electric windows, power steering and much more at affordable prices.


Vans are good for a big family tour. If your family members are around 10-15, then you need to rent a van. These are comfortable enough and have a lot of space to put your bags. You can travel everywhere with ease.

We can provide KIA Pregio and Nissan Urvan vans that have 10 and 15 seats respectively. Enjoy a comfortable ride with your whole family in these air-conditioned and automatic vans.


Luxury cars come when you want to attend a meeting or party. You can rent these cars to impress people and express your personality. There are sedan luxury cars and minivans as well according to passengers.

We have Mercedez Benz C240 and Mercedez Benz S280 in our luxury cars. These cars can accommodate 4-5 people. Further, we also have Toyota Vellfire which is a 7-seater vehicle for a comfortable drive with middle size family.


Sports cars have a very different and eye-catching look. Everyone notices a passing sports car. You can also rent sports are in Langkawi to attend any party or you can take if for adventure.

Our sports car collection has Civic Type R and Renault Megane R 250. You can get these super cool looking sports cars at an affordable price.


Renting a car is a good decision while spending a vacation in Langkawi. You can easily visit places and enjoy as you want without any restrictions. We have told you all the factors on which you can select an appropriate car and classified the types of cars that you can rent.

We also provide our luxury cars to rent at an affordable price. You can easily rent our cars online and in-person. We can also deliver the car at any location in Langkawi. We also provide free advice to our customers to spend their memorable vacation without trouble. There are no hidden charges and mileage limits. Our experienced team is always ready for your support. For any information and queries, feel free to contact us.